When you date the Driver chances are your going to become heavily involved with the Team.

This is the case for Team Manager Jeanmarie. After meeting Owner/Driver Brian in Feb of 2006 it was only a matter of time before her spare time was filled with Volkswagen speak, learning what tool did what, organizing road trips, documenting trips through pictures and watching in suspense as Brian dose what he loves best (well second best), racing.

Jeanmarie does not take her role lightly either, she may not understand how the car works but she does her best to make sure it does! In the earliest days of the team she could be seen lugging fuel jugs a quarter of a mile to the return lane from the pits when Brian "ran out of gas" or even pushing the car a quarter of a mile when it just wouldn’t run.

Jeanmarie is also very involved with Brian's online business as well as projects. Whether it's packing up an item that needs to be shipped, sand blasting a rusty part for powder coating or sanding the project car of the day Jeanmarie is always helping out somewhere.

"Everything needs a woman's touch, even a race team" Jeanmarie is quoted as saying.

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